My first weekly game jam game.

Hours worked on it: three hours

I decided to interpret the them as being a roomate to a super hero. Mostly, I use it as a excuse to try out the twine engine. I wish i could put more time in customizing the format and putting additional stuff in it, but, it was fun to see what i can do in a limited time limit of three hours.

Development log


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I really enjoyed the premise. I think this could be great if you went on with it. Trevor waiting for breakfast that Steve is making but he has to constantly fly out or something to go save someone. So Trevor just sits and watches as the toast burns and wonders how Steve can be so super as a hero but so useless in other ways xD


Yeah, that would actually be hilarious. Sorry for the late reply. Been busy at work and still getting used to using itchio.

No worries at all. I'm still getting used to using itchio myself so I totally get it. And of course life and that ever-present rent factor is alsways breathing down my neck as well :)